This is how we started

My family was having a discussion over which hot bathtub to buy for the kids and suddenly an idea arose in my mind for helping out the people who are looking for buying a hot bathtub. We remember the discussions we had in our family while judging the best product for us keeping in mind the several aspects that are pretty important while buying a Hot Bathtub. Money (budget), space (where we are going to keep the bathtub), colors, Size, comfort and we counted on every possible pros and cons. This discussion took a way lot of time and efforts.


Hot bath tub under $2000

At that particular moment, we felt as if we know everything things out these hot bathtubs, from th

e top brands, the prices of their featured and bestseller products; and most importantly which bathtub is useful for whom and we concluded to giving this information a shape.

This is where SpringNexus was born.

We have truthfully reviewed the products, listed their uses and what they lack for; and being unbiased, tried to build the trust. You can smell it here.