Top 5 Best Kahuna Massage Chair buying guide 2019

Best Kahuna Massage Chairs

Kahuna Massage chairs are ♥The fanhood for kahuna can be reason you are here.The Design, comfort, delicasy, and no doubt Technology has even made me a great fan of Best Kahuna massage chair. Now lets not waste time and explore some of the best gems from Kahuna.

If you feel tired, fatigued, and have severe body pain that generally starts after coming back from office, then you should consider using a massage chair.

Massage therapy is a very effective way to get relief from body pain, stress, and muscles soreness. In the first paced modern life, feeling anxious and stressed out by the end of the day is common. A good way to get rid of all this is massage.

But, it’s difficult to go out daily and get a massage done. However, to help you with this issue Massage chair is anytime the best option. Kahuna Massage Chairs are the leading manufactures of exquisite massage chairs. They are the best ergonomic massage chairs in the market now.

There are many models of Kahuna Massage Chairs. But, for you to make your shopping easier we have selected the top-quality Kahuna Massage chairs. In this article, we have written a review of the top 5 models of Kahuna Massage Chairs. Go through the reviews and grab the one that suits you the best.

#1. Full Body Recliner LM6800 kahuna Massage Chair

Review Summary

LM6800 Kahuna Massage Chair

LM6800 Recliner

This one is an exquisite ergonomic style Kahuna massage chair. It is an excellent buy if you are looking for something in a budget-friendly range. Kahuna Massager Chair Recliner LM6800 is cheaper than other models. It is an absolute luxury at a small price. This was the hottest and best-selling item of Kahuna massage chairs.

Now, we will take you to its feature to help you get a better understanding. We will discuss all the requisites in detail and let you know is the chair worth buying or not.

If you are in a hurry consider reading the summary to get the gist about its features and operations. However, if you have time, do read the detailed information on the Kahuna Massage Chair recliner LM6800.

The special rollers present in the chair uses different massaging techniques to target the pressure points of the entire body, resembling the Shiatsu massage therapy. It targets the Upper back, Lowers back, Entire back, Lower body, and Lower back & body.

A quick look at the features

  • L track roller design to massage the entire spine.
  • Zero gravity to distribute your weight across entire chair.
  • Computer body scan technology to give you a custom fit massage.
  • Inbuilt special yoga stretching program
  • Check Square3 Years Protection
  • Auto programs
  • Inbuilt special yoga stretching program
  • Air massage technology
  • Shiatsu massage therapy
  • FDA registered the medical device

Summary of Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Full Body Recliner LM6800 kahuna Massage Chair

Despite being in a low-price range the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 has versatility and outstanding features. The chair has a hybrid L/S track design. The S is for massaging the spine and L for massaging the thighs and glutes.

Interestingly, Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is the only chair in this price in a market that offers a 3 stag zero gravity. This feature enhances the overall massage experience. More off, the chair is fully automated it will detect your body size and will give you a totally personalized massage.

Overall, the product is an excellent choice if you have a full body pain that keeps on coming and going, you have a bad posture, you suffer from body soreness or body stiffness, or if you want a relaxed enjoyable massage at the comfort of your home.

A Detailed Description of Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

This model from Kahuna Massage Chair is one of the budget-friendly quality models. It has all the essential features of a massage chair to provide you with the luxurious massage experience. Let’s take a closer look at all its compelling features.

1.L- Track Massage Design

The design is the most important requisite when it comes to massage chairs. It is because it gives you the comfort and the relaxed feeling. The chair follows ergonomic design resembling a reclining chair.

Kahuna Massage Chair recliner LM6800 is designed with a hybrid L track roller design. The back of the chair has rollers to massage your entire back. An L track roller design has two types.

First are the S track rollers that go from the neck to the lower back. Second are the L track rollers that go till the glutes and thighs. Thus, the S track massages along the entire curvature of your spine and the L-track massages your glutes, your tailbone and your thighs.

Let me tell you, this design is best for you if you have to sit for a long time and you get back pain or tailbone pain. It is because the L-track design will target the pressure points on your back and will give you an ultimate relief.

2.3 Stages of zero gravity

Getting a zero-gravity feature in such a low price range is remarkable. You must have heard that moon has zero gravity. Interestingly, zero gravity is the best position for your body as it disperses the abnormal pressure throughout the body.

The first model of Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 has two stage zero gravity but, the newly launched model of Kahuna LM6800 has three stages of zero gravity.

The feature allows you to disperse your weight across the entire chair. When your weight is dispersed, the massage quality enhances as the rollers press the deeper muscles providing a therapeutic effect.

  1. 3D body scanning

Almost all the models of Kahuna Massage Chairs offer a body scan technology. 3D body scanning is an auto-method that allow the rollers to re-position themselves and hit the pressure points on the body precisely.

When you sit on a chair immediately this feature allows the chair to scan your body and make adjustments as per your shape and size. Thus, it is more of a custom fit feature. This feature gives you the feel and warmth of a snuggle.

Nevertheless, if you don’t feel comfortable with the position of the auto-scan rollers, you can adjust them. The Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 comes with a remote which allows tuning the position of the rollers as per your choice. So, if you want that extra massage on a particular point you can shift the roller to that side.

  1. Space Saving pattern

Generally speaking almost all the massage chairs or recliners need a lot of space. They end up occupying half of the room. Because of this reason, most of the people don’t go for it.

With Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800, space is never an issue. The chair is built with a space saving technology. The chair when not in use occupies only a very little space.

Nevertheless, when you recline back the chair pivots on its base and acquires only 3-4-inch space. So, you only have to live a 3-4-inch space between the chair and the wall in case you are going to keep the chair somewhere near to the wall.

  1. Advances Air-Massage Technology

It has a uniquely designed air cell massage system which covers most of the surface area with a minimal number of air cells. The air cells ultimately enhance the massage quality.

With Kahuna LM6800, the air cells are made to inflate separately that further allows the body to twist and stretch deeply. It uses the 36 first generation airbags. More off, if you wish too you can customize the air-massage through 3 different intensity levels using the remote.

  1. Special Auto and Manual Massage Programs

Generally, in this price range, you won’t get massage option in the massage chairs. But, interestingly Kahuna Massage chair LM6800 has this option too. You can choose to form a variety of massage programs. Isn’t it cool? Believe me, the massage options are sure to amaze you. Let’s go into detail about the massage programs.

Yoga Stretching

This is one the most desired program if you want a good deep stretch. The yoga-stretching program stretches the entire body and releases the pressure from all the pressure points. Not only this, it also increases the blood circulation in the body which is anytime good for health. Thus, with this, you can even enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Specialized Therapy

The shiatsu therapy is done by applying pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet to the pressure points on the body. This enforces the limbs, joints, and the pressure points. It is a popular Chinese medicinal massage to get rid of lots of health issues. The Kahuna massage chair LM6800 is equipped with the special Shiatsu massage therapy too.


If you are someone who suffer from bad posture or spinal pain or spinal injury then this one is for you. The special chiro program in Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 is made to target your spinal cord. It targets the spinal nerve and allows a better flow in the nerve which ultimately relieves all the pain and pressure from it.

7. Massage Technique

In the auto-mode the Kahuna Massage chair LM6800 offers the following massage technique:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading/Tapping Combination

These massage techniques are extremely effective against several kinds of health conditions. Some of the chronic conditions like headaches, post menstrual symptoms, fatigue, lower body pain, shoulder blade pain, digestive disorders, tailbone pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, neck pain, joint pain, anxiety, and musculoskeletal pain can be cured by the various massaging techniques.

Nonetheless, if you are not satisfied with the auto-mode massage, you can anytime change them manual as per your liking and need. The Kahuna Massage chair LM6800 has a number of pre-programmed massages to target specific areas of the body. The pre-programmed massages are as follows:

  • Neck to Waist
  • Lower Back to Waist
  • Lower Back, Glutes, and Thighs
  • Neck to Glutes
  • Mid Back to Glutes

#2. Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300

Review Summary

Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300

LM7300 Recliner

This one is another interesting make from Kahuna Massage Chairs. The Kahuna Massage chair SM7300 is a popular model on the market, due to its versatile user-friendly features.

Now, let’s move to the main aspects of the chair.

We will cover up all the essential features in detail to give you a better understanding of everything. However, first, we will start with a short summary and then will go in depth about each feature.

Summary of Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300

It is one of the kahuna massage chairs with variant features. The chair is equipped with many customized options and different kind of massage options. The Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300 has nine different programs to satisfy people of different body shapes and size.

You won’t believe it but, the chair can fit easily a person with 6.5 height and 350 pounds weight. This is an amazing feature as most of the massage chair is unable to fit a tall or an obese individual.

The inbuilt features of Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300 include the SL track design, zero gravity, and a few auto programs like yoga stretching, relaxation, etc.

The chair is extremely user-friendly, you can control it fully with the help of remote. Overall, it’s a good make from Kahuna Massage chair, you can surely by it if you are tall and heavy.

Quick Look At The Features of Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300

  • Space Saving with Zero Gravity
  • Hip Air-Cell massage technology
  • Acupressure Points
  • Heating therapy
  • Zipper Leg Extension Covering
  • LED Light design
  • Massage time control

Detailed Information About Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300

Now, you know the gist about the Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300. So, let’s move to each feature in detail.

1.SL Track Design

This Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300 has the advanced SL track design. The advanced version has a cutting-edge technology. SL track design is the design in which the chair rollers are placed to provide a perfect curvature to your body.

In this model, the S-track design follows the natural curvature of the spin, although this is the same for other models too. On the other hand, the L-design gives an extended massage. It adds 15 inches of massage i.e. it gives an additional massage below the tailbone.

More off, the quality of the hybrid SL track is remarkable. The rollers are designed to give you a much better experience. You will feel like somebody is massaging with his hands but, actually, that’s the magic of the rollers.

The rollers massage from the shoulder blades and extend to the hips and glutes. So, overall the two designs when combined give a relaxing massage to your entire back. In addition to this, the SL track design has six roller systems. Generally, in almost all the massage chairs there is a quad roller system.

The rollers mimic human hands and give you an advanced relaxing massage. With six rollers, all the pressure points are pressed from deep inside the muscles to release the pressure. The advanced roller motions are a complete bliss if you suffer from constant full body pain and soreness.

  1. Space Saving technology

Before buying a massage chair all of us worry about the space. We all have an idea in our brain that a massage chair is something huge and ginormous. But, with Kahuna Massage Chairs you don’t have to worry about the size.

Kahuna Massage Chair recliner SM7300 can fit easily in any corner of your bedroom. You just have to leave three inches between the chair and wall for the chair to recline back.

Another massage chair available in the market tends to occupy a whole lot of space when reclined back so they can’t fit in any corner. However, with Kahuna Massage Chair space is never a worry.

  1. Wrap Around Squeeze Foot Massage

This feature of Kahuna Massage Chair SM 7300 is meant for a leg massage. It efficiently and effectively massages the calves and feet.

The chair has mechanical foot rollers to massages your foot and calf in three different ways. The rollers are placed on the ball of the foot, on the sole, and on the arch to completely release pressure from the legs. For the foot massage, there are two intensity levels to choose from. In addition to this, there are airbags to perform extra massage. These airbags squeeze and provide massage all over the leg at once.

This feature is the most desired if you are someone who has to stand all day long or have to walk a lot. The leg massage of Kahuna massage chair SM7300 is ultra-awesome. It relaxes your entire body and would let you have a perfect sound sleep.

  1. Zero-gravity Feature

You can find the zero-gravity feature only in high-end Kahuna Massage chairs. Zero-gravity implies to the fact that your body will float as the body pressure would be dispersed all over. Kahuna massage chair SM-7300offers one Zero-G seating position.

In simpler terms with zero-gravity, your body pressure would be uniformly distributed all over the chair and your knees will be above the heart level for an ultra-soft massage.

Not only this, with zero-gravity the massage is more penetrating. The rollers go deep inside the muscles to provide relaxation to each every tissue of the body.

Several studies have claimed zero-gravity is the best position for the body. It because it allows the blood flow to improve and also improves underlying body conditions related to blood circulation like heart blockage.

Nevertheless, other models of Kahuna massage chair have two to three stages of zero-gravity but this one has only one stage zero-gravity. It’s still ascertained to tell why this Kahuna massage chair lacks the greater level of zero-gravity.

  1. Capacity

Most of the massage chairs available in the market are not fit for extra tall or obese people. Even if they go for such chairs, they won’t get the efficient massage. But, with Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 this is not the case.

The ergonomic Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 can accommodate all body types irrespective of their size, weight, or shape. For the heavier bodies, it has an additional 3 inches near the shoulder and hip areas to provide the extra required support. Even the length of the chair is a bit more than other regular models.

So, this Kahuna massage chair can easily fit all body types up to 6ft 5inches and up to 320 lbs. All this possible because of the upgraded space technology and the ameliorate forward sliding mechanism of the chair.

6. Body-scan technology

Kahuna massage chair SM7300 features a 3D Body Scanning Technology. Once you sit on the chair, the body scan technology scans your entire body to choose a massage depending upon your body type. In this process, after scanning the rollers to reposition themselves to give you a beneficial relaxing massage experience.

In addition to this, if you are not satisfied with the auto-roller positions, you can set them manually too. The remote has buttons that will allow you to adjust the position of the rollers and massage at the place of your choice.

  1. LED Lighting

Kahuna massage chair recliner SM 7300 comes with LED lighting. There is a soft blue LED light present on the sides of the chair. The light is soft, smooth, and soothing. This will add the extra relaxing experience to your massage. Prefer to close your room lights and on this LED lights for an amazing massage therapy.

  1. Heating

The Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300 comes with a lumbar heat option. The heating options provide a greater array of health benefits like reducing inflammation, relieving soreness, increasing the blood flow, etc.

The heating option is meant for the entire back. The only dissatisfaction is that you cannot control the temperature of heat. However, the heat is set at the optimal level not too hot not too cold just apt for a massage.

  1. Auto Programs

The Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300 has overall 9 aut0-programs. Out of which 5 are Auto Programs and 4 are Special Auto Programs. These programs are as follows:

i) Yoga Stretching: This feature will stretch your body and loosen up the muscles. It resembles the stretching you do in various yoga poses. The stretch allows the body to relax the muscles and reduce any discomfort related to it.

ii) Fast Recovery: It is a short duration massage that focuses on the recovery of the muscles. It uses sports massage therapy.

iii) Pain Relief –This massage targets the pain-prone areas. The rollers go over the pain area and relieve muscles aches using multi techniques.

iii) Relaxation –It is a kind of soft and gentle massage program meant for a tired body. It uses kneading, tapping, knocking and shiatsu massage to induces the muscles to relax rapidly.

iv) Athlete –If you are involved in some physical activity, strenuous exercise, or if you are a sports person then you must be suffering from body-soreness. This program cures the muscle injury and diminishes the body soreness. It does so by using special massaging techniques that target the sore tense muscles.

v) Office Person –If you sit in front of your laptop or PC for longer times, this one is for you. This program targets on neck and shoulder. Sitting for a long time in front of the computer effects the neck and shoulder muscles. This massage targets the neck and shoulder muscles and relieves soreness and pressure from there.

vi) Golfer –Like the name suggest it for the person who plays or golf or who are involved in work that targets the lower body. This massage targets the lower back, hips, and legs muscles.

vii) Senior Mode –This one is a soft gentle smoothing overall body massage. It is not too intense but perfect for the body to get the required relaxation and relief from tiredness.

viii)Dynamic Sport –It’s an overall body massage that you can go for at the start of the day. This massage enables you to feel active and fresh all day long.

In addition to all these programs, all the Kahuna models have a zone option. This option allows the rollers to target a particular area. The roller massage the target area covering six inches in and around it.

  1. Remote

The Kahuna massage chair SM7300 comes with a remote. With this, you can select and customize your massages. There is a Quick relaxation feature for a short duration fully body massage.

In addition to this, there is a menu button to adjust the various massage settings like intensity, width, speed, and the default function. The design of the remote is user-friendly as all the features are easily accessible with a clear display.

Product Details

  • Full Name of the product- Kahuna Massage Chair SM7300
  • Product dimensions- 48 x 28 x 47 inches
  • Product weight- 304 pounds
  • Power Voltage- 110V/220v
  • Upholstery fabric- Synthetic Leather
  • Color Options- Brown, Brown Wg, Black, Black wg, coffee brown, coffee brown wg
  • FDA registered device
  • Warranty- 2years
  • Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage

#3. 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078

Kahuna Massage chairs are very popular. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to massage chairs. Now, the company has come with another exquisite Kahuna massage chair, it is Kahuna Hubot HM-078 massage chair. This one has more additional upgrades than its predecessors.

To explain to you in detail, I have reviewed the Kahuna massage chair HM-078 personally. I have given a closer look at all its features, functioning, and user-friendliness and have come with a review.

Down below you will find a summary of Kahuna Massage Chair Hm-078 first and then the explanation of each of its features in detail. If you have time read the features otherwise just go through the summary to get full information about Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078.

Summary of Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078

This particular Kahuna Massage Chair is exquisitely crafted with a detailed finish. It is the high-end model from Kahuna Massage Chairs. The Hubot is meant to give you the ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation resembling a profession high-quality full-body massage therapy.

The massage is a powerful 3D massage mimicking the massage done by hands. There are high elasticity balls that go to each and every muscle of your body and relax them from deep inside. Same like other models Kahuna massage chair HM-078 follows an HSL track design for massaging.

Nevertheless, in addition to it, there is a head massage feature also in Kahuna massage chair HM-078. This particular feature is for anti-stress and especially for people who face a lot of work pressure. A head massage at the end of the day by Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078 is all that you need to feel good and sleep tight.

Moreover, the Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078 follows a rhythmic Kahuna special technology for air-cell movements. These air cell-movements are meant to promote your body circulation and to increase the oxygen levels of your body which in turn keep many health issues at bay. You can control the massage type, the massage speed, or even massage a particular area at once.

Another interesting feature of Kahuna Massage chair HM-07 is the synchronization with the mobile application. There is a mobile app with which you can control the entire functioning and features of the Kahuna massage chair.

This is the first every chair to offer so much luxury and peace to the users. You should definitely buy it feel and enjoy its features to the fullest. So, what more you want, it’s a free package for your health and tired soul.

A Quick Look At The Features Of Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078

  • Powerful 3D massage system
  • A head massage feature
  • HSL track design for a massage
  • 15 different auto-program techniques
  • Zero gravity positioning system
  • Air-cell massage technology
  • Smart body scan technology
  • Mobile app for control
  • Roller for foot and calf massage.

Detailed Information About Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078

Now, you know what all is there in the Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078 but I know you want more and it is extremely ok because you are going to invest your hard-earned money.

It is always good to review and check each and every feature in depth before buying a massage chair. This will not only give you an idea about the product but also will let you know that whether it is going as per your need or not.

So, now let’s move on to each and every aspect of the Kahuna Massage Chair in detail. I assure you will enjoy reading the review.

  1. HSL Track massage System

Unlike other 5-curve models with a curve at the neck and hips, this Kahuna massage chair HM-078 is ergonomically designed using the line of the human lumbar spine. The exclusive design is made to give a high -quality massage without putting too much pressure at the back. With this design, you don’t have to sit on your back instead of the chair is the shape of your body to make you feel more relaxed.

In addition to this, the HSL track system is an Advanced SL-track system. In this, there is the curve in the lower back area with longer track range. It will massage from your neck to your buttocks. Like the other Kahuna massage chair models, the S- track goes from your neck to lower back and the L-track will go from your lower back to your thighs and glutes.

The hyper HSL track design runs for 52 inches. This is larger than the regular models. Anybody either tall or short can fit into this HSL track design of Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078 easily without many efforts.

Isn’t it mesmerizing to sit and massage your entire body on a chair that mimics your body shape? Once you sit on this chair you will feel, the chair was designed for you as per your body shape.

  1. KMS-08M-225L Massage system

Now, after the exclusive HSL track design, I want you to know about the massage system. The Kahuna Massage chair HM-078 follows a KMS-08M-225L system. This is a very advanced doctor recommended massage technology known for its ultimate comfort and relaxation.

You must be wondering what it is what is special about this mechanism. KMS-08M-25L is a Powerful 3D performance Massage System that uses high elasticity massage balls to protrude to every inch of your body and give you a high-quality full-body massage.

Not only this, because of this feature the Kahuna Massage chair HM-078 can run for a full hour without a break. The massage system exactly resembles a massage therapy done by a pronounced therapist. The balls in it feel like the pressure applied by hands during therapy.

This feature assures you to get value for your investment. Now, you don’t need to go to therapist daily and spend a bomb. You just have to sit back and relax on the chair for a therapist like a massage.

  1. Fifteen Different Auto-programs

The Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078 comes with 15 different auto-program massage techniques. This is useful when you are too tired and don’t want to boggle your mind with the massage settings.

I know after working for whole day long it’s a bit irritating to set the massage modes, intensity, and other things. So, after your long tiring day, you can just press the auto-massage program and get your massage started.

In the Kahuna Massage Chair Hubot Hm-078, there are four specially designed programs for an ultimate massage experience, two Kahuna signature programs, three programs for stretching, two Kyro specialized, and the rest for controlling the rollers and pressures.

To make the auto-programs clearer I have made given a list of the auto-programs below:

  • Yoga Stretching Kahuna
  • Anti-stress
  • Yoga Stretching twist
  • Yoga stretching active
  • Special sports massage
  • SY-chiro twist
  • Rocking
  • All air mode
  • Sleep Aid
  • Golfer mode
  • Deep Tissue
  • Renew
  • SY-chiro kahuna
  • Fast recovery
  • Athlete mode
  1. Zero Gravity Positioning system

Like other Kahuna Massage chair models, this one also has a zero-gravity positioning system. It is best when you feel every part of your body needs to be stretched and relaxed. You feel like lying down and realizing all the pressure on your body. This zero-gravity positioning system does the same.

The Kahuna massage chair Hubot HM 078 has a zero-gravity position. It allows you to stretch out with extreme comfort and relax throughout the massaging experience. With this, the body weight is distributed all over the entire chair so you won’t feel you are pressurizing your back or glutes.

Zero-gravity position relaxes all the sore and tired muscles as the pressure releases and spreads out evenly all over. The positioning system follows zero-gravity and makes you feel as you are lying down in the air without any support.

  1. Air-cell massage technology

The Kahuna Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 has specialized 107 airbags that are placed strategically on the chair. The strategic location is made keeping in mind the most pressurized and sore area of the human body that tend to ache with daily work.

The air-massage mode is common to many kahuna massage chair models. However, the number of air balls, their location, and their ability varies with different models.

The Kahuna massage chair Hubot HM-078 does not boast only on the quantities of air-cells but with also with over 17 air partial control system with 5 levels of intensity. This particular feature will allow you to have even more custom fit massage depending upon your choice of intensity and the location of massage. In addition to this, you can also customize the location of the air-balls.

There are options of a full body air mode massage or a specific area of the body like head, shoulder, lower back, legs, and feet. For example, if you feel too much pressure and soreness on your shoulder you can set the air cells on the shoulder with high intensity for maximum instant relief.

However, let me tell you the full body air massage mode is very strong. So, prefer doing it for not more than 20 minutes. It is always good to get a slow steady massage. This will promote the supply of oxygen and increase the blood circulation in your body. The air cell massage targets the different acupressure points of your body to give maximum comfort and relief.

  1. Space-saving technology

The kahuna massage chair recliner HM-078 is made keeping in mind the space-utilizing technique. We tend to have small or moderate size-houses due to overcrowded cities and high cost. Kahuna massage chairs recliners are designed using space saving technology.

Other massage chair recliners tend to occupy half the area of your room which is irritating and discomforting at the same time. But with Kahuna Massage chair recliner HM-078 you don’t have to worry about space. It can even fit in the smallest room easily.

You just need a corner area to fit this Kahuna massage chair. They occupy such a small space that you can fit it in your bedroom, balcony, living room, etc. This model requires 5-6 inches of the area between the wall and chair for full reclining.

You just have to place it 6 inches away from the wall. On the whole, the chair takes anywhere around 16 inches of an area when stretched fully. It covers the area almost equal to a normal rocking chair. So, isn’t it amazing how you can have your own fabulous massage chair irrespective of the area of your bedroom?

  1. Full-body Scan technology

All the Kahuna massage chair comes with a full-body scan technology. Same is with Kahuna Massage Chair recliner HM-078. Once you sit on this massage chair, it scans your entire body to locate your pressure points and provide you a custom fit massage depending upon your need.

With other massage chairs you have located your pressure point manually, but with Kahuna, you just have toile down and the rest is the chair’s duty. The chair is capable of scanning your entire body from your head to toe and find out the most stressed and tensed point of your body.

  1. Head Massage

This one is a unique feature of Kahuna Massage Chair HM-078. In the other models of Kahuna massage chair, there is no feature of head massage but this model has it. It massages your head gently resembling a head massage done in a salon.

We all want a head massage at the end of the day to relax our head and get a perfect sleep. This feature was made keeping in mind the daily stressors you feel at work. It is the more off anti-stress feature to help you cope up with daily stressors of life.

Believe me, a head massage with this is sure to take out all the tensions of life from your head, body, and soul in few minutes.

  1. Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is common in almost all the popular effective massage techniques done by therapists. Not all the massage chair have heat therapy but, this Kahuna massage chair recliner Hm-078 has heat therapy for the entire body.

In the market even, the expensive models fail to give a heat therapy for the entire body and even they do they give heat therapy only for the lumbar region.

Interestingly, the Kahuna massage chair hubot HM-078 has heat therapy for your entire body from your upper back, lower back, hip area, calves, and feet. This is an exclusive feature providing therapeutic health benefits. It aids to increase the blood circulation of the body, eliminate swelling and inflammation, and release the pressure from deep inside the tissues and muscles.

However, the only glitch is that you can not control the temperature of the heat. But, don’t worry the heating temperature is just apt for the massage therapy. It is neither too intense nor too mild.

  1. Roller massage for Calves and feet

Many of the massage chairs come without the rollers for the leg massage. The Kahuna massage chair HM-078 has specially designed unique rollers for your calves and feet. If you are someone who has to stand all day or you have to be on your legs all the time, this can be beneficial for you.

There are powerful specialized rollers on the calf and foot area to massage your legs. In addition to this, there are airbags too to support the massage. You can extend your leg up to 7 inches easily for ultimate leg relaxation.

Moreover, you can also control the intensity of leg massage up to 3 levels. There are two rollers to massage your feet. However, the rollers are a bit intense so prefer massaging your legs on the auto-mode or on the first level of intensity.

  1. Mobile App For Controlling The Kahuna Massage Chair

Almost all the massage chairs use a remote to control its functioning and features. Interestingly, you can control the Kahuna Massage chair HM-078 just with your phone.

Now, you don’t have to get up from the chair and search for your remote for changing the settings. Instead, you can just open the Kahuna Massage Chair mobile app to set the functioning. It’s fun to operate the chair with your phone or tablet.

This is an absolutely unique feature that’s fun and user-friendly too.

  1. Premium Bluetooth speakers

The premium Bluetooth speakers are in addition to the Kahuna massage chair recliner HM-078. They are unique and special to this model. If you love music like me, you will surely love this feature.

The kahuna massage chair has built-in Bluetooth speakers that let you listen to your favorite music while having a relaxing massage. Doctor’s suggests music is a therapy. Music, when combined with a powerful massage, will surely give you a serene environment, a relaxed body, and an improved health.

Product Details

  • Full Name of the product- 3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078
  • Product dimensions- 49 x 36 x 53 Inches
  • Product weight- 305pounds
  • Power Voltage- 110V/220v
  • Upholstery fabric- Synthetic Leather
  • Colour Options- Brown and Brown Wg, Champaign and Champaign Wg
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • 15 auto-programs
  • Leg extension up to 7inches
  • Works with Mobile app
  • can accommodate height 6.1ft and weight 300 lbs comfortably.
  • Warranty-3 years
  • FDA registered device
  • This is first every Rhythmic Kahuna massage chair to give you a high-quality full massage from your head to toe. Other models are incapable of massaging neck and feet.
  • Air-pressure technology to massage shoulder, legs, and back which is a great massaging technique for optimum relief.
  • The massage has many therapeutic health benefits like maintaining the blood circulation, reducing swelling, and soreness.
  • The massage speed and intensity can be adjusted as per your choice. If you want to reduce the pain go at high-intensity levels and if you want to just relax go for low-intensity levels.
  • The auto-program features have a wide range. There is a specific massage for almost everything.
  • You can control the functioning from your phone that fun and easy. For this, you have to download the Kahuna massage chair application on your phone.
  • A head massage feature for reducing the daily stress. It works amazingly to clam your mind and reduce any a headache.
  • The built-in speaker allows listening to music while massaging.
  • The foot pad is completely adjustable. You can extend it up to 7 inches if you have tall legs.
  • If the company would have given more color choices it would have been better.
  • The leg rollers are a bit intense.
  • There is only one-level zero gravity that will disappoint you a bit.
  • No remote controls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kahuna Massage Chair Hubot HM-078

Q1. Does the Kahuna Massage Chair hubot come with a remote?

No, it does not come with a remote. You have to download the Kahuna massage chair application to control its functions.

Q2. Where is the chair from?

Like other Kahuna massage chairs, this model is also made in China.

Q3. Where can we buy this chair?

The most trusted and reputed source for Kahuna Massage chair is Amazon. They give fast delivery and offers too. There is an Amazon link after the review of the chair to help you shop in a click.

Q4. Can it fit a person with 6 feet height?

Yes, easily it can fit anyone with 6.1ft and weight 300 lbs. There is a leg extension up to 7 inches to further ease you.

Q5. Is the intensity of massage rollers medium or strong?

Overall, I would say the massage rollers are on the optimum side. The auto-program modes offer a different intensity depending on the program chosen. For example, the special sports massage would be intense and the yoga stretching would be moderate.

However, you can always adjust the intensity levels. For the lumbar region there are 5 intensity levels and for the feet, there are three intensity levels.

Q6. Where is the heating area?

The healing therapy can be felt in the lumbar region, calves, and feet. This is outbound and unique to Kahuna massage chair HM-078.

Q7. Are the different auto-programs worth?

Yes, of course, there is a program for everything from recovery to renew, to the sport, to yoga. You can choose any of them resembling you need.

For example, if you just finished your exercise you can choose the yoga stretching mode or if you have just come back from work you can choose the renew mode.

#4. L-Track Shiatsu Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 is for people who love luxury. It is yet another best performance Shiatsu Massage Chair from the Kahuna Massage Chairs.

With this chair, your stressful days would no longer be stressful. This will make you feel a whole lot better. The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 uses different unique combinations of massage types. The variety is sure to relieve your stress and give you the ultimate peace.

Before including this one in your bucket list, we would like give you an idea about this chair. We have jotted down all the exquisite features of Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 to help you decide which one to buy.

Nevertheless, first, we have first given a short description of the chair to tell you its features. Next, in the later paragraphs, we have explained each of its unique features in detail for a better understanding. So, don’t want scroll down to know about this particular model of Kahuna Massage Chairs.

Summary Of Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

This Kahuna Massage chair is on the bit costly end. But it’s always good to compensate the price with the quality. So, we would suggest you invest your money in this Kahuna Massage chair LM-7800, as it is worth the price. Not only this, it is loaded with therapeutic benefits too. If you buy this, we assure you that you will be overwhelmed.

This model has high-end features with a sleep well-finished design. The chair follows SL track design and has multiple air cells to provide a deep tissue massage. The massage technique is best for chronic sufferers of body pain, joint pain, and body soreness. It will give you a high-quality Shiatsu full body massage.

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 also have auto-programs to massage all the parts of your body effectively. Moreover, it has the body scan technology that let you give you a custom body massage as per your requirement and need. There are special rollers covering the neck, the upper back, the lower back, glutes, thighs, and feet.

In addition to this, this particular Kahuna massage chair model can also give you a full body air compression massage. The air compression massage is good to keep the chronic health issues at bay. At once this technique is capable of releasing all the pain from your body.

Interestingly, the Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 also has inbuilt speakers. You can connect them with your Bluetooth and enjoy the music you love. Trust us, a massage accompanied by a favorite music is what all you need to relax.

A quick look at the features of Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

  • Full body Shiatsu Therapy
  • Ergonomic design chair
  • L-track 4 wheels massage system
  • Zero gravity massage button
  • Built-in premium speakers
  • Space saving technology
  • 4 auto-massage programs
  • FDA approved device

Detailed Information About Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

This model from Kahuna Massage Chair is another high-end luxury model. This has high-performance features to provide you the full body shiatsu massage therapy. So, now look at each of the features in detail:

  1. Hybrid s/l -Track Design

The Kahuna Massage chair LM7800 is built around a hybrid S/L track design which is a renowned technology in massage chairs. Most of Kahuna massage chairs work on this technology to give their users a quality massage.

The S/L track design extends from head to toe. The S/L track design has 4 wheels massage system. The shape resembles a roller trail to support your head, back, buttocks, and feet. The Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 has the longest massage track system of 42 inches.

The design is made keeping in mind the idea to decompress the spine and further increase the effectiveness of the massage therapy. The Shiatsu massage therapy resembles exactly like human hands.

The massage therapy is made to start from your shoulder blades and reach way down to your upper thigh. This provides an additional support to the entire curvature of your spine. Moreover, it also separates each disc of your spine to enhance the flow of nutrients in the blood and bring about a better healthy body.

  1. 4 Way Rollers (quad-style)

There are special four-way rollers running from your neck to your buttocks. These rollers mimic the actual human-like motions done by hands. The rollers are designed and operated in a way that it resembles the massage techniques like kneading, tapping, etc.

The rollers are the heart of the Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800. It is because their work resembles the shiatsu massage therapy. They are made to provide the quality massage in no time with the optimal intensity and optimal pressure.

  1. 3D Body Scan

After a long day when you sit on your massage chair, you just want a massage without putting your head. Am I Right? Yes, I am the Kahuna Massage Chair has something for you to fulfill this need of yours too. The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 has an in build-body scan technology for the same.

The 3D body scan technology is common to all the Kahuna Massage Chairs. It is because it is a very exquisite and the most important feature of any massage chair. If this feature would not have been there then you would have to set the chair near your pressure points every now and then.

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 has a 3d Body scan technology to hit all your pressure points. When you sit on the chair, the 3D technology scans your body. After this, the computer built in the chair guided the roller to position themselves automatically to the pressure points in your body.

Nevertheless, if you feel you want the rollers to hit more or to go to a particular pressure point. You can do so by the remote manually. You can adjust the position of the rollers and the area of the massage anytime as per your need and requirement.

Believe us, this is another remarkable feature in the Kahuna Massage chair that gives outstanding results. So, you don’t have to do anything apart from sitting on the chair for a perfect full body massage.

  1. Space Saving technology

It is an important factor to add Kahuna massage chair recliner LM-7800. It is because without knowing the size of the chair you cannot buy it. You have to check the size relating to your space at home so it is very important to tell you about this technology.

If you are thinking that the Kahuna Massage chair will occupy a lot of space. Then, let me tell you, you are wrong. The Kahuna Massage Chair Lm-7800 is made keeping in mind the space considerations. For the same, it uses the advanced space saving technology.

The space-saving technology allows this Kahuna massage chair recliner to recline a few inches only when fully stretched. When you lie down on the chair, it reclines and pivots on its base. To recline fully, it requires just a 4-5inches space between the back of the chair and the wall.

So, isn’t it overwhelming to find a massage chair recliner which occupies such a less space? I know you are totally amazed to know this. This particular feature of kahuna massage chair has attracted a lot of buyers and let it becomes one of the hottest selling massage chairs.

  1. Zero-gravity seating

You must be knowing if you go to the moon, you will fly all the time because of zero-gravity. The zero-gravity position is very good for your daily health. But, I know you can’t go to the moon daily for attaining the zero-gravity balance. To please you more and to make you feel you are on the moon, the Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 comes with a zero-gravity setting.

The zero-gravity seating is a NASA inspired seating technology. The Kahuna massage chairs are widely known for this feature. This seating has set a distinctive mark in the market of massage chairs.

The feature lets your body recline in such a manner that the knees are elevated slightly above the heart. This position further allows your body weight to press down powerfully on the 4-way quad-style rollers. Further, this firm position lets the rollers to go deep inside the tissues and muscles giving the full-body high-quality massage.

The zero-gravity is such a fantastic feature in the Kahuna massage chairs. It has tremendously increased the overall massage experience. The company has not listed the level of zero-gravity massage. But as per the research and Kahuna massage review, we found out that this model of Kahuna massage chair has two level zero-gravity seating.

  1. Air-massage modes

The Kahuna Massage chair recliner LM-7800comes with 36 air-bags. These airbags are widespread all over the chair starting from the head to feet.

The airbags are made to provide you the complete air-massage from your head to toe. They cover your body to release all the pressure from it. In addition to this, they also work to increase the blood flow of the body which is important for proper functioning of all the body organs.

The air-bad massage of this Kahuna massage chair starts once you lie down. There is automatic reclining sensors and quality automatic massage programs to do so.

The air massage can be adjusted to three intensity levels. For mild intensity go for level one, for moderate intensity goes for level two, and for the highest intensity go for level three. Experts suggest going for the second intensity level as it resembles exactly the massage done at a spa.

You can find a number of airbags in other Kahuna massage chair models. However, I would suggest the number of airbags in this model is good to enough make your massage experience better.

  1. Heat Therapy

Like all other Kahuna massage chair models, this model also comes with the heat therapy function. However, the area of heat therapy is different in Kahuna massage chair LM-7800.

The Kahuna massage chair LM-7800has heating elements on the back and also in the leg ports. While massaging this will provide you the sufficient heat on your entire spine and you full legs too. You can feel the heat in the lower back region too.

Heating, when accompanied by massage, is a popular massaging technique. It is good for health as it reduces any inflammation or body soreness in no time. Body inflammation gives rise to a number of health issues. So, if your body is not inflamed that means you are at a lower risk of health issues.

Thea heat therapy feature in other Kahuna massage chair is confined to the lumbar region, but this is not the case with this model. The Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 is noteworthy off providing heat to your entire body from your shoulders down your feet.

If you suffer from chronic back pains or leg pain, this complete heating massage system can prove very beneficial for you. The only painful thing with this feature is neither you can adjust the temperature nor you can let the heat go to for particular area only. If the heat option is on it will cover the entire area from head to toe.

  1. 4 Different Auto-Programs

The Kahuna Massage chair recliner LM-7800 is pre-programmed with four type of automatic massage programs. You can find them on the remote labeled as I, II, III, and IV.

The auto-programs are designed by pronounced therapists who are excelling in massage therapies. Each program focuses on the different areas of the body and for variant situations.

The first auto-program will focus on your lower body and help you relax the muscles tension in your lower back, thigh, calves, and feet. The second auto-programs will focus fully on your upper body including your head, neck, shoulder blades, and upper back. This massage is more of an anti-stress deep tissues massage.

The third auto-program utilizes a combination of sore joints. It is reflexology massage for the feet, hip, lower body, and your neck. It is made to address your daily needs after a long working day. The fourth auto-program is the Yoga program. It is for relaxing. This program stretches your entire body and relieves the deep tissues and muscles.

Now, isn’t it simple to choose any massage mode that resembles your current body situation?

  1. Adjustable Leg Rest

You can call this exclusive feature of Kahuna massage chair Lm-7800 as an Extendable ottoman feature too.

This feature is an extendable feature. With this, the massage chair automatically adjusts to the user’s height. Thus, it allows individuals of 6.3 feet to lie down comfortably on the Kahuna massage chair. This is an absolute rejoice for all users.

Nevertheless, if you are not 6.3 but then also you want to extend the length of the chair you can do so. There is a push button on the remote that will allow you to stretch the length of the chair. It is more comforting to have more leg space. Moreover, it also keeps the airbags in the leg region to allow the chair to massage the correct leg muscles.

  1. Massage Types

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 is equipped with different massaging techniques. The most effective massage techniques of this chair are:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Kneading and Tapping Combination
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu

All these massaging techniques are related to the auto-program options. They work well from neck to waist, lower back to glutes and thighs, and Mid-Back to Glutes and Thighs. The pre-programmed massages or the auto-massages both work in relation to the above-mentioned massaging techniques.

  1. A special Twist Function

Most of the models of Kahuna massage chair comes with yoga stretch option. However, in the Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800, there is an additional twist function.

This twist feature is basically a hip twist feature. This feature is as good as a full body stretch providing the appropriate therapeutic benefits.

When you on the twist feature from the remote. The airbags on one side of the seat inflate first and then the airbags from the next side inflate.

The feature is made to take the pressure off your body especially from the compressed discs of your spine. This particular chair relieves any kind of a chronic pain in the body in a few minutes.

  1. Calf And Foot Massage

The kahuna massage chair LM-7800 has a comprehensive CALF & FOOT MASSAGE option too. This is another best feature of this massage chair.

The other models of Kahuna massage chair use the airbags present in the leg area to massage. However, in the Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 apart from airbags special rollers are also present to give you a high-quality massage experience.

The chair is equipped with a dual roller system in the leg area. There are two rollers that extend from your calves to the sole of your feet to give you’re a high-quality leg massage. In addition to the roller massage, you will also get the airbag massage when massaging your legs.

The chair has comes with dual rollers instead of quad roller because the leg area is more sensitive and has more muscles. If there were four rollers, it might hurt your legs and won’t give you’re a pleasurable experience. Believe us, if you have leg pain, you combine the heat therapy, airbag massage, and the roller massage for an instant relief.

  1. Remote

The kahuna massage chair LM-7800 comes with a remote too. The remote is easy to use even if you are new to the world of technology.

With remote, you can easily choose your reclining setting, massage programs, intensity, etc. All the options are neatly arranged and clearly labeled for easy operation.

The layout of the remote is neatly designed. You can easily access the features as the options are logically arranged. It is actually much easier to operate this remote than you think.

  1. Premium MP3 Speakers

Another luxury feature of kahuna massage chair LM-7800 is the in-built premium quality speakers. There are two speakers present near the headrest.

Now, you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying the perfect luxury full body massage. You can not desire more because now you have almost everything to relax your mind, body, and soul and to keep health issues at a distance.

Product Details

  • Full Name of the product- L-Track Shiatsu Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800
  • Product dimensions- 46 x 48 x 31 inches
  • Product weight- 280 pounds
  • Power Voltage- 110V/220v
  • upholstery fabric- Leather
  • Colour Options- Black and BlackWg, Ivory and Ivory Wg
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • 4 different auto-programs
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Works with remote
  • Can accommodate height 6.3ft and weight 300 lbs comfortably.
  • FDA registered device
  • This kahuna massage chair does not require any assembly. You just have to remove it from the box and you are all set to go for your perfect massage,
  • The zero-gravity position works at too level and is very efficient to make you feel light and comfortable.
  • The design and look of the chair are ergonomic.
  • The heat therapy option is versatile. You can feel the heat in your entire body which good when compared to other massage chairs
  • The special Shoulder Lumbar and Hip Squeeze is an exclusive feature. It is beneficial for instant relief.
  • All the massage techniques follow Shiatsu specialized massage programs
  • There is adjustable leg space to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while massaging.
  • The hip twist does not stretch your body fully at once. It works in parts which becomes a bit lesser when comparing with other kahuna massage chairs.
  • The color variety is less.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800

Q1. Do the Kahuna Massage Chair Lm-7800 come with a remote or it works with the mobile app?

No, it does not come work with the mobile app. The kahuna massage chair LM-7800 comes with a remote to control and set all its features.

Q2. Where is the chair manufactured?

Like other Kahuna massage chairs, this kahuna massage chair model is also made in China.

Q3. How effective is the leg massage in this chair?

The leg massage is very effective for mild to chronic leg swelling or pain. You can combine the airbag massage, the roller massage, and the heat therapy to get the best quality leg massage.

Q4. How many rollers are there for a foot massage?

There are two rollers for foot massage and four rollers for the back, neck, glutes, and thigh massage. There are two rollers to make the massage more comforting for the foot.

If there would have been four rollers, then the roller would hurt the sole of your foot and the back of your calves a lot.

Q5. Is the chair meant for people who are taller than 6 feet?

Yes, the Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 can easily accommodate people up to 6.4 feet high. There is an adjustable leg rest to accommodate and fit tall people.

Q6. Is this a 2D or 3D massage chair?

The Kahuna massage chair LM-7800 is a 2D model providing two levels of zero-gravity position and all the exquisite features of the massage chairs.

#5. Premium SL-Track Premium SL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair – SPIRIT

Kahuna massage chair spirit falls in the premium range. It is another top-end product from Kahuna. The color, the design, and the texture of this chair are altogether exclusive. You can call it an all-in-1 chair.

The Kahuna massage chair spirit has variant signature programs to provide the excellent professional quality massage. It is made to answer the stubborn aches and give you the optimal pain relief. In fact, the results would be beyond expectations.

Before including this Premium SL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair on your shopping list, we would like you to read the Kahuna massage chair spirit review. We have personally tested and tried it to let you know the exact functioning and quality of this chair.

Each and every feature of the Kahuna massage chair spirit is exclusive and is explained in brief. First, we have written the summary about Kahuna massage chair spirit. After that, we have jotted down all the features in detail to help you with your shopping.

Summary Of Kahuna Massage Chair

This one is a fantastic massage chair which will offer high therapeutic benefits. It is an absolute value for money Kahuna massage chair. The Premium SL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair Spirit is recommended for chronic pain victims.

The designs and look of the chair are stylish. It will acquire a very less space and give you the maximum comfort. The recliner is good enough to fit in any corner of your bedroom, living room, or any other area of your choice.

The Kahuna massage chair spirit work on SL track 4 roller system. This system is made to decompress the spine and give you the top-notch quality massage. Most of the chairs follow an S track system but this Kahuna massage chair follows SL track system.

The signature programs of Kahuna massage chair spirit are Yoga stretching and active yoga refreshing program. They are made to provide your body with a rejuvenating experience. In addition to this, three interchangeable rollers to fit people of any length or any size.

The additional feature of this chair is Kahuna special vibration technique to enhance the circulation in the buttock area. This helpful for those people majorly who suffer from tailbone pain or lower back pain. However, it maintains the full-coverage area.

The Kahuna massage chair spirit is capable of giving you the intense quality massage in a maximum of 30 minutes. However, you can always control the time and intensity at any level whenever you want.

We would suggest to you invest your hard earned money in this particular Kahuna massage chair as it is the ultimate solution for a painful body. This will not only give rejuvenate your body but will also take you to the next level of enjoyment.

A Quick Look At The Features Of Kahuna Massage Chair Spirt

  • Space Saving with Zero Gravity
  • Three different hip-massage modes
  • Acupressure Points
  • Heating therapy
  • Extendable ottoman
  • Air massage technology
  • Massage time control

Detailed Information About Kahuna Massage Chair Spirit

This model from Kahuna Massage Chair is an ultimate luxury. It has all the extravagant features to give the ultimate massage for our chronic pain. Now, let’s look at the features in detail:

  1. SL 4 track roller system

Kahuna Spirit Massage Chair has the new SL-track 4 roller systems. This is the most advanced system used in Kahuna massage chairs or other top-quality massage chairs.

Here the L-track will reach the rollers from the top of your back to down the spine and then in your buttocks. To further simplify the rollers starts from the top and then go to your hips in the shape of L. The S-track means the rollers roll along the shape of the spine following a natural curvature.

So, the four rollers that follow the SL track system are designed to massage your neck, shoulder blades, upper back, lower back, glutes, and thighs. The whole-body massage will make you feel divine. Actually, this is an ergonomic massage system for people with extra curves in the body.

This advanced SL track system is best for people who suffer from chronic pain in the back, lower back, and tailbone pain. It is also good for individuals who sit for a long time in front of their computer and tend to develop pain in the neck and back area. Overall, I would say this is a quality Kahuna massage chair to give your relief after a whole long tired day. Trust us, you are going to feel much better than before once you start the daily massage programs with it.

  1. 3D Body Scan Technology

Like other Kahuna massage chairs, this Kahuna massage chair Spirit is also equipped with body scan technology. The purpose and the functionality of this are identical to other massage Chairs.

The 3D body scan technology allows giving a custom fit quality massage. The first step of massaging in this chair to scan your body fully. It helps the chair to locate the pressure points in your body. Once the pressurized areas are found then the chair adjusts the rollers accordingly to give your body the massage needed.

It is important as you yourself may find difficult to locate the points but with this, the computer in the chair is well-versed enough to find out the pressurized area. However, if you wish too you can always make an adjustment and move the massage to a particular area.

Most of the massage chair doesn’t come with this manual feature but with Kahuna massage chair spirit massaging a specific area is pretty easy. You can easily manage the roller speed and level to get a customized massage for yourself.

  1. Signature Programs

Kahuna massage chair spirit has few signature programs. They are called signature programs as they are developed on the pronounced massage techniques by the experts. They are the first ever massage company to come up with such new exciting features.

There is one Yoga Stretching program. This is more of a Body energy circulating stretching program. In this, your body would be covered with airbags while your legs are downward straight. It enhances the circulation of blood in your body and at the same time give you relief against muscle soreness.

The second signature program is a dynamic sports program. You can this one as an active stretching feature. This one is significant to give you a rush of energy in a few minutes. You can call this a power program as within minutes you will get a boost of energy and all your fatigue will go.

The third signature program is Refreshing. The purpose of this program is to oxygenate your body. The gentle massage using different shiatsu techniques from the shoulders to the lower back increases the blood circulation. A rush in the blood circulation would also keep cardiovascular and other chronic issues at bay.

The fourth program is Active yoga. This is newly launched program added to the Kahuna massage chair spirit. This is more than yoga stretching. The aim of this is to take out the lethargies and tiredness from your body.

All the programs aim to stretch your body fully in two ways. First, they work to increase your flexibility and second, they work to take off the pressure off the compressed discs in the spine. Compressing the discs will release pressure and will help you get rid of your chronic back pain in minutes.

The signature programs work best for sports, person athletes, after strenuous exercise or any strenuous work.

  1. Three-zero gravity position

Almost all the Kahuna massage chair comes with zero-gravity seating. But this, Kahuna massage chair spirit is one step more. The chair comes with three level zero-gravity positions. The other model has one or two level but this one is advanced with zero gravity to three levels. Zero-gravity seating is a premium feature of the Kahuna massage chairs and when it is set to three levels than we would call it exquisite.

There is a button which pressed one takes you to the first level of zero gravity when pressed twice take you to the second level of gravity, and when pressed thrice will take you to the highest level of gravity. Next, when you press the button the fourth time, you will be back to upright position. Isn’t it easy to feel as if you are sitting on the moon in one push?

The zero-gravity provides a lot of massage synergy as it places the knee above the heart. In this position, most of your body weight is pressed against the rollers which allow giving a deeper, more penetrating, and the ultimate massage. Not only this, this position is also aimed to increase the therapeutic benefits of the massage.

The Kahuna massage chair spirit has combined SL and three levels zero-seating together to mimic exactly the massage done at the therapist center. Now, you don’t have to worry about going to a therapist for your pain, the Kahuna Massage chair spirit would be enough to do so within minutes.

  1. Adjustable leg rest

If you are someone with long legs or you love to have more leg space, this feature is for you. There is an adjustable leg rest option. You can stretch your legs for a more a comfortable seating position.

The leg rest allows you to extend more comfortably and accommodate longer legs and tall users. We called it another exclusive feature of Kahuna Massage chair spirit.

  1. Air massage technology

In addition to the quad roller system, there is an additional air massage technology in Kahuna massage chair spirit. The company has not given any information about the number of bags in this kahuna massage chair. Although, they boast saying this chair would give a full body air massage with a minimal number of airbags.

However, we know it won’t make you super happy until you get to know the exact number of airbags. So, let’s reveal. There are only 12 airbags in this model of Kahuna massage chair. The airbags are specially designed second-generation airbags.

These airbags are good enough to give the top-notch massage in no time and minimum number. Second-generation airbags are known for their world-class air massage and for their efficiency to do so in minimum quantity.

You can always customize the air massage like you customize the roller massage. The air massage can be adjusted to five levels of intensity. Apart from this Kahuna massage chair spirit, other models do not have the option to customize the air massage.

The Kahuna massage chair spirit is designed to give you a full body air massage. The massage covers almost all the body surfaces. It will massage your neck, shoulder blades, upper back, lower back, glutes, thighs, calves, and feet.

  1. Three Different Hip Rotations

Most of the Kahuna massage chair models and other massage chairs in the market offer a hip massage through air massage mode only. The hip air massage is common to all the models.

But, this Kahuna massage chair spirit has something spectacular. It is made to offer a high-quality standard of vibration massage. The vibration mode, when combined with air massage, stretched your pelvic muscles fully giving you the ultimate relaxation.

This option will vibrate your body at the same time massage your body too. It is recommended as a way to take out all the pain from the body and relieve the body stress. However, some people don’t like this vibration. They feel like somebody is shaking them. You can make it whichever way you want. If you like it put it on and vice-versa.

Overall, the Kahuna massage chair has a three-way hip massage. First, is via the rollers in the body, the second is via the air massage, and the third is through the vibration mode. Let me tell you this is a masterpiece feature. Hardly any massage chairs are in the market that offers such outstanding hip massage.

Thus, this three-way massage option can be an absolute remedy if you suffer from hip pain lower back pain, or tailbone pain.

  1. Built-in premium speakers

The Kahuna massage chair spirit comes with two premium quality speakers. They are just present near the sides of the headrest.

You can put any soft music when enjoying your massage. Believe us, even doctors consider music a therapy. So, what more you want this is a dual combo with music, massage, and Shiatsu therapy.

  1. Two Pillow options

This is the first ever massage chair coming with two pillow options. Some people prefer keeping a high pillow while others prefer a single pillow.

The Kahuna massage chair spirit has an option of two pillows. This allows getting a better smoother, stronger massage in the neck area.

People who work on laptop tend to get a neck pain by the end of the day. If you suffer from the same issues, prefer putting both the pillows for an effective neck-relieving massage.

  1. Heat Therapy

The Kahuna massage chair spirit is phenomenal when it comes to heating. In this, there is a heating option to cover all the areas of the body.

The Kahuna massage chair has a heating option in the lumbar region, arm region, neck region, and the calf region. Other models come with a heating option in the lumbar region and the calf region. However, this model of a Kahuna massage chair has an extra option of heating in the arm area too.

The back heat in this does not resist to mid portion of the back but, extends to the upper and lower back too. This is very important as the lower back is the most common area of pain. Kahuna massage chair spirit stands apart when it comes to heating capacity and limit.

The only drawback of the Kahuna massage chair spirit is cannot control the heating precisely. You only have the choice to heat or not heat it. Sadly, you can not control the temperature of heat or switch on/off the heat in a particular area. I know this is pretty disheartening. But, let me tell you the heating temperature is optimal for a massage.

If there would have been a heat controlling option, then this chair would surely be the best make when it comes massage chairs.

  1. Calf And Foot massage

For tired legs and feet, it is always good to massage them daily. I know it is difficult and boring to go to a massage therapist daily and massage your legs. Kahuna massage chair spirit has a solution to your problem.

The kahuna massage chair spirit comes with special calf and foot massage technology. There are dual rollers that go high up to your calf till your toes. The two rollers are perfect to relieve those sore feet too. Don’t misunderstand there are two rollers in each of your feet to relieve your tired calf and foot.

The dual rollers are off top-notch quality. They are far more than you can expect. In addition to this, there are airbags too to massage your calf and feet. You will enjoy the foot massage done using this Kahuna massage chair.

  1. Exchangeable Zipper coverings

The Kahuna massage chair spirit has zippers to allow easy clean and maintenance. With daily use, especially the calf and foot area tend to get dirty. If you are someone facing the same issues, then don’t worry there is a convenient zipper option in this chair.

There are specially designed exchangeable zipper covering to allow your kahuna massage chair to remain clean all the time. The coverings are present in the leg and feet area. You can always remove the leg and feet cover and put it to wash when it becomes dirty. This will keep your massage chair looks new all the time.

  1. Easy To use Remote

The Kahuna massage chair Spirit comes with an easy to use remote. You can control the entire massage chair with a single push button.

The remote comes with a display and clean clearly designed options. All the features are neatly labeled and easy to understand. You won’t have to boggle your mind with the remote at all as everything is clear and bold.

There is an option for all the feature o the remote like the auto programs, the massage intensities, the roller option, the calf massage option, etc.

Product Details

  • Full Name of the product- Premium SL-Track Kahuna Massage Chair – SPIRIT
  • Product dimensions- 60 x 32 x 27 inches
  • Product weight- 247 pounds
  • Power Voltage- 110V/220v
  • Upholstery fabric- Leather
  • Colour Options- Brown, black, and ivory
  • Hip rotation
  • SL-Track system with 4 rollers
  • Airbag massage
  • Heating therapy for arms, back, and legs
  • Double head cushion
  • Warranty-3 years
  • FDA registered device
  • A super luxury model with a beautiful look and design. It comes in three color options that go with almost every decor.
  • The Kahuna massage chair is equipped with therapeutic benefits like decompressing the spine discs, releasing the pressure of the body, and enhancing the blood circulation.
  • There is an additional heating option for all the pain-prone areas of the body. It heats your neck, back, thighs, arms, and legs.
  • Works of Shiatsu therapy. The kneading, tapping, rolling, and shiatsu massage techniques are outbound to relax and unwind your entire body.
  • The auto-program in Kahuna massage chair spirit are signature programs. These signature programs are specially designed by experts to answer all the daily pain of your body. The auto-programs are so relieving and there is something or the other for everyone irrespective of the situation the body is in.
  • The spot massage button is good if you get a pain in any specific point like your left side of back or in the calf. You just have to set the rollers manually on that area and the massage chair will do rest of the work to relieve your pain,
  • The chair comes with a long-time warranty.
  • The upholstery is easy to clean and durable.
  • There should be some more auto-programs than it would have been much better.
  • A bit costly but, if your budget permits you should definitely buy as it’s a lifetime investment.
  • The chair is heavy too. You will find it difficult to move. So, always assemble the chair at the perfect place where you don’t have to move it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kahuna Massage Chair Spirit

Q1. How many color options are available in Kahuna massage chair spirit?

There are three color options: black, brown, and ivory.

Q2. Is this chair made from pure leather?

No, this chair is made from synthetic leather. All the models of the kahuna massage chair are made from synthetic leather.

Q3. Does the chair has 3D technology?

Unfortunately, the chair does not have the 3D technology. Instead, there is a quad roller system, air massage, and body scan technology to give the full relaxation and perfect massage.

Q4. Will the chair feet to people of 6 feet height?

Yes, it perfectly fits anyone with 6 feet height. There is an adjustable leg rest that can be extended when required.

Q5. Does this chair has zero-gravity options? If yes, how many levels of zero gravity?

Yes, the Kahuna massage chair spirit comes with zero-gravity options. The zero-gravity options can be set to three levels. You will really feel as if you are flying in the air at the third level and is the highly recommended position for therapeutic benefits.

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