Best LED PUCK Lights 2019 – Provide a Perfect Ambiance for Your Home


Whether you are renovating your home or doing a large renovation project, LED Puck lights are the necessity for every home, especially in the kitchen area. Lighting is the most important aspect. Not only does it help you see but also provide the perfect ambiance for your home. Thus, LED Puck lights are an absolute necessity.

These are also referred to as Under cabinet lights. Most of the time they are installed under the cabinets for workspace lighting. With these lights, the functionality increases. Nowadays, so many variants of lights are available in the market. However, to find out the right quality LED Puck light is rather a difficult task.

So, there is a comprehensive guide to help you with the various types of LED Puck lights. We have provided all the helpful information and shopping advice to assist you to find out the best quality LED Puck light. Scroll down for the best shopping experience.


#1. LE LED under cabinet lighting, 510 lm LED Puck lights

LE LED under cabinet lighting

This LED puck light is preferred and suggested by many. It is a quality lighting working on 170 lumens each. The light immitted by it is warm and white. The light is versatile, you can add it to your kitchen cabinets, living room, or under any cabinet to add the extra décor factor in your room.

In addition to this, it’s a 12W LED puck light. So, it requires minimum electricity. You just have to use an AC adapter to make the output voltage to 12V. This also makes them safe and secure. Overall, the lights are too good to light any cabinet giving the required amount of light to do your work properly. They are even budget-friendly so now you have one more reason to buy them.

LE LED under cabinet lighting Details


  • Comes in a set of 3
  • Each bulb works on 170 lumens, so in total it gives 510-lumen brightness
  • Works on 12V with the AC adapter.
  • Made from aluminum material which looks almost invisible until it’s on.
  • The cord coming with it is long enough. It is around 2.4m.
  • Installation is very easy, you just have to screw them up.
  • Give superior brightness that does not hurt the eyes in spite of being super bright.
  • Adds a décor and ambiance to your house. The wiring or the cord coming with it is almost invisible so you don’t worry about where to hide the wire clutter.
  • Comes with a very long life-span. Each white light can work for 50000 hours or more.
  • Uses very less electricity as each light equals 25W incandescent bulb.
  • Not meant to light a larger area.
  • They tend to get warm when on for a very long time. However, they don’t get too much warm that it becomes difficult to touch them.

#2. SOLLED Wireless Dimmable LED Puck lights

SOLLED Wireless LED Puck Lights

This one is a LED puck light with remote. You can control the light just with a remote. The remote on/off, timer, and the brightness intensity option. They are the dimmable led puck lights, you can control the brightness at four levels10, 40, 80, and 100. To allow the batteries to work for a long time prefer to keep it at 10% or 40% brightness.

The light looks trendy as they have white matte finish body. You can install them in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or anywhere else. They are also called the 12V LED Puck lights. You can keep this an option if you are looking for wireless dimmable LED puck lights.

Battery Powered Dimmable Closet Lights


  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Comes with a remote by which you can manage on/off, timer, and brightness.
  • Works on 3 AAA batteries.
  • Provides 4000K natural white light.
  • It has two control methods. Ones are hand switch and the other is the remote.
  • The light comes with 2 * Remote Controller and 6 * Adhesive Pads.
  • The body of the light is made from plastic.
  • These are absolutely wireless free. These are one of the best wireless LED puck lights that just need an adhesive tape to stick under the cabinet.
  • The light is bright and adjustable to four variant brightness levels.
  • Does not require electricity so you end up saving your electricity bill too with these ones.
  • The runtime is long enough. They can work for 100 hours when kept on 10% brightness.
  • The body of the light looks stylish and you can match it with any home décor as they are white in color.
  • Comes without the batteries. You have to buy them separately.
  • When lighting on 100% brightness the batteries tend to die faster.

#3. Lifeholder 6 pack LED puck lights

Lifeholder 6 Pack Led Puck Lights

These are the LED puck lights remote that are absolutely wire-free. You can install them anywhere without stressing about the wires as they are totally wire-free. For installing them you just need to fix the adhesive pads on the desired location and that stick the light on the pad.

More off, the remote coming with it has all the operational features like on/off, timer, brightness, and a cool/warm switch. The remote can works from as long as 10feet. The light also comes with an option of controlling the temperature. There are 4 timer options 15, 30, 60, and 120.

Overall, these LED Puck lights have all the required options. They work good and you can adjust the setting as per your choice and that too with the remote. What more can you desire for a puck light?

Timer Wireless Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting With Remote


  • They come in a pack of 6.
  • Comes with two remotes.
  • Each light works on 3 AAA batteries.
  • The switch style is the push button or remote control.
  • Requires almost no installation. You just have to stick it on.
  • They are extremely thin that add the extra sleek décor factor.
  • You can even choose the lighting temperature option with the remote. One is warm white light and the other is cold white light.
  • The light is wide to give the sufficient brightness. Each light gives 40-60 lumen of brightness.
  • The shelf life is good enough. Each light can last up to as long as 100 hours or more.
  • Comes without the batteries. You have to buy them separately.
  • The lights are big in size. The dimensions are 7.4 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches, so they might not be a good option if you are looking for something small and handy.

#4. 5 Pack IPOW LED Battery-powered Wireless Night Light Stick Tap Touch Lamp Stick-on Push Light

5 Pack IPOW LED Battery-powered Wireless Night LightIPOW LED puck lights are good for small areas like your closet, night light, car, etc. They are also known as LED puck light battery powered. The light gives not too high not to low but, the moderate amount of brightness to find clothes in your cupboard, search for something in the car, and maintain a dim light in the kitchen throughout the night.

It is very easy to operate the light, you just have to push the light to on it and push it again to off it. More off, they are fully energy efficient. The batteries will last you for years. It has three LEDs in each pair to significantly light up a small space.

Overall, it’s a cheaply price LED Puck light good if you want up against the small dark areas of your house.

Stick Tap Touch Lamp Stick-on Push Light for Closets


  • Comes in a pack of 5.
  • Works with a push.
  • Works on 3 AAA batteries.
  • No installation and are completely wireless. You just have to stick them to the area of your choice.
  • You can stick them anywhere on glass, plastic, metal, etc.
  • The company suggests the shelf life of the batteries is around 100,000 hours. However, it is always less than the one suggested by the company.
  • The body is sleek and white in color which looks trendy and stylish.
  • The cost is very less.
  • The adhesive tape coming along with it is not good. Once you stick it you can replace it with another place as the adhesive tends to loosen up its stickiness.
  • The light is not too bright. It is not at all meant to lit a large area.
  • Comes without a battery. You have to buy the batteries separately.

#5. Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote Control

Brilliant Evolution BRRC135 Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote Control

This one is another best quality wireless LED puck light from Brilliant evolution. The company uses LEDs of superior quality, they won’t die of ever. Each light has 3 LEDs, and you get a pack of 6light with the kit. So, you will have 18 LEDs giving you a brightness of 330 lumen which is good enough to light a space and allow you to do the work efficiently.

More off, the light can be controlled solely by the remote. There is two level of brightness options 50% and 100%. There are four times options: 15, 30, 60, and 120. You just have to press the button on the remote and choose your desired option. Prefer keeping the brightness at 50% to enhance the life of the batteries. It is another best quality dimmable LED Puck light available in the market, you can buy it with a close eye.

Operates On 3 AA Batteries - Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting


  • Comes in a pack of 6.
  • Each unit gives an illumination power of 55 lumens.
  • Comes with a remote control with on/off, timer, and brightness option. The remote control works till 15 feet.
  • You can install the light by screwing them up or by sticking it with an adhesive tape.
  • The light comes with a battery.
  • The brightness can be adjusted as per your choice to 50 or 100%.
  • The size and shape of the light are good enough to fit any under cabinet easily without giving a shabby appearance.
  • The lighting time can last up to as long as 100 hours.
  • The least dimmable option is not available. The maximum you can dim the light to 50%.

#6. AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Puck Light

AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control

AIBOO LINKABLE is one of the high-end undercabinet LED Puck light. It requires linkable connections to connect one puck light to the other. The wiring system is easy and simple to manage. However, you can install these lights in tow ways under any cabinet. You can use hardware to install it in a series or you can go for wall plug-in installation in which you just have to plug and play. These lights can be used for kitchen, bookshelf, shoe cabinet, or any decorative unit. You can add any number of lights as per your need and requirement. They all will work in a synchronized manner.

The light comes with a remote, control to manage its operation. It comes with a remote to offer the wireless dimmable option. With the remote, you can dim it form 0-100%. Not only this, when there is a party at your home you can choose the linkable option to turn your home into a party hall.

Overall, this one is a high-end LED Puck light you can use for any area or any under cabinet unit at your home.

AIBOO Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting


  • Can be installed in two ways: hardwire or plug-in.
  • Comes with a remote to control the brightness levels.
  • There is a bankable option too.
  • It has 10 12V LED puck lights with a dimmable option
  • Comes with an adaptor and adhesive tapes to allow easy and clutter-free installation.
  • The size, shape, and design of the LED Puck lights is sleek. They look extremely flat and almost invisible until the light is turned on.
  • They give a bright warm white light and lighten up you are significant to allow you to work easily.
  • Installation takes time.

#7. BASON RGB Under Cabinet LED puck light

BASON RGB LED Under Cabinet Lighting Closet Puck lights Color Changing for Kitchen Shelf Decoration

If you are looking for something exciting, Bason RGB can be a good option. These are color changing LED Puck lights. They decorate any under cabinet beautifully. The light has 16 light color options from blue, pink, green, red, etc. You can choose any of them as per your wish and mood. The light automatically saves the last color once off. However, they are more off decorative lights. You cannot use them for work. There are four dynamic modes: flash, fade, strobe, and smooth to set the light brightness.

More off, they are wireless LED Puck lights, you just have to use an adhesive tape to fix them under your cabinet. To install the light there is a plug-in option. The plug-in cable is 5ft which can be further extended as per the need. However, if you want extended cable you have to order it separately. Overall, it’s a good option if you are looking for decorative under-wire cabinet lights.

BASON RGB Under Cabinet LED puck light


  • They come in a pack of 4.
  • It comes with 16 static color options and 4 dynamic mode options.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Works on 12V.
  • Comes with a remote with which you can choose the color and mode.
  • A variety of light color to choose from. You can set it up as per the occasion and your mood.
  • The company suggests these lights have a 40000 hours life-span.
  • You can even choose the mode as per your occasion like for party you can make it strobe and for setting a romantic appearance you can make it fade.
  • You can use them for the decorative purpose, not for lighting purpose.
  • The extended cord is not available with the product. You have to buy it separately this would raise the cost of the total product.

#8. Albrillo LED Under Counter Lighting

Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting

This one is another luxury and class item. Albrillo LED puck lights are sleek design lights that give high illumination power. This one looks like sleek elongated lights which can be interconnected to each other. It gives 900 lumens of bright lights. Albrillo is solely used for lighting purposes. It looks elegant when the bars are connected simultaneously and fixed under the table.

In addition to it, the light comes with a remote to manage its brightness, control, and time of illumination. The remote works in 360 degrees so you can set the light from any corner. It emits a soft light which is good for eye health. The remote works good at about 18-20 feet distance.

Albrillo light is a good option for a lengthy cabinet or study table or a bookshelf. So, if you have a lengthy cabinet do keep this one an option.

Albrillo LED Under Counter Lighting


  • Comes in a pack of 3.
  • Comes with a remote with on/off, timer, and brightness option.
  • The company gives a 2-year warranty.
  • The dimension of the light is 12 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • They work on 12V electric supply.
  • Each light bar gives 300lumen of light. So, in total, you will get 900 lumens of light with this.
  • Looks sleek and stylish.
  • It gives a significant bright light which can be dimmed when not required.
  • Minimal installation, you just have to stick them with the adhesive tapes. And if you want to connect to lights there is an interconnector provided with the kit.
  • The pack comes with all the accessories you don’t have to spend a penny once you purchase this on the installation part.
  • The light is energy efficient. It works only on 12V current supply. This will surely save your electricity bill.
  • Occupies space as they are elongated. If your undercabinet area is small in length than it might not fit.

#9. LEPOTEC under cabinet LED Puck light

LEPOTEC under cabinet LED Puck light

Lepotec is another quality bar-shaped LED puck light. This one is multifunctional under cabinet lighting ideal for bedroom, living room, kitchen, bookshelf, showcase, garage, and any other area of your choice. It’s a motion sensing light, however, you can see it as a normal night light too.

Lepotec LED puck light is easy to install in two ways. First is using the built-in magnet which sticks directly to all the iron surfaces. Second is using the 3M tape, you just can stick it using the adhesive tape. The lights need charging for its operation. It comes with a USB charger. The light works for 8-10 hours on instant mode once charged completely and for 1-2 months on the motion sensing mode after complete charging.

Overall, LEPOTEC is motion sensing Led puck light. You can definitely buy it if you are looking for a puck light with a motion sensing feature.

Wireless Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights 10-LED USB Rechargeable Closet Lights


  • Comes in a pack of two.
  • Comes with a warranty of two years.
  • It’s a motion sensing light.
  • Works on 1 lithium polymer batteries.
  • The company suggests that it can work for 80000 hours which is good enough for a LED puck light.
  • You can install this light easily either with the help of the magnet or the adhesive tape depending on the area of use.
  • Best lights for using at night when it’s too dark to go and on any light. You can use it anywhere in your entrance area, near your bedside table, bookshelf, kitchen, etc.
  • You can not use it for lighting purpose only. They are best to be used at nit when its dark.
  • The light won’t light up during the day or when it’s bright enough.

#10. Ustellar LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Ustellar Updated LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

If you have a very large area to cover, you should give Ustellar LED puck lights a try. These are sensitive motion lights that can be on/off with a simple wave of your hand. It is a good option for your kitchen, entrance, bedroom, and foyer area where you require them the most. Ustellar is a quality 12V LED puck light.

The kit has 6 unit of lights that can give 1020lumen of illumination power. The company gives an option for installation, there are screws and 3M adhesive tapes too along with the kit. You can go for any installation option of your choice. There is a power adaptor and interconnecting wires to connect all the lights together and lit up a larger area.

You can definitely give a try to Ustellar LED puck lights as they are the budget-friendly quality option. More off, if you have spacious rooms, it’s an excellent option.


  • Comes in a pack of 6.
  • Works on motion sensing mode.
  • Each light gives 170 lumens of brightness.
  • Comes with a plug-in adaptor.

Hand Wave Activated Control Under Counter Lights

  • Installation is super easy using screws or adhesive tapes.
  • It is pure energy efficient. It can save 90% of your electricity bill.
  • Each light equals to the 25Whalogen bulb, so you can relate to the brightness level easily. It has the capacity to light up an entire large room or kitchen area.
  • Comes with all the accessories so you don’t have to boggle your mind in collecting installation accessories.
  • The wire that connects the light unit is visible

How To Choose A LED Puck Light?

There are various options in LED Puck lights like LED with different colors, LED Puck lights with remote, capstone LED puck lights, dimmable LED Puck lights, wireless LED Puck lights, under cabinet LED Puck lights, and recessed LED Puck lights. To make sure that you choose the right one for your home, we have listed down some important considerations that you should look for when buying LED Puck lights.


LED Puck lights generally come in two main types of under cabinet lighting. One is the normal 120V Led Puck lights and second is the low 24or 12V LED Puck lights. However, there is no difference between the energy savings, light quality, and lifespan.

Low voltage or 12V LED Puck lights have fewer advantages over the normal ones. With the low voltage ones, you can fix more lights in a tight space and they emit less heat giving you a comfortable space. However, you need a transformer with low voltage lighting because the transformer steps the high 120V to low 12V or 24V.


For LED Puck lights, there are basically two types of wiring. One is hard wire and the other is a simple plug-in. The hard-wiring involves connecting the light to the already existing wiring and the power comes from the power source. In simple plug-in, the power comes from the power outlet or the wall socket.

Plug-in LED Puck lights require minimum installation. However, for the hard-wired, you need an electrician. There are a few LED puck lights that can be both plugged in or hardwired. Contrary to this there are few LED Puck lights battery that works on battery. So make sure you check your house wiring before buying one of them.


The brightness varies with different LED Puck lights. Buying a light with dimmable option is always desirable. For the dimming capability, you need to pay a little extra. The dimmable LED Puck lights give you the option to control the lighting. So, whenever, you don’t want bright lights you can dim it up and save energy. Check this article if you want the brightest led bulb.

Dimmable light ensures profitable for the eyes too. They don’t flare up especially when not in use and are especially useful for the one with eye-sight problems.

  1. Installation

Always look for the installation process before selecting any of the LED Puck lights. Installing a light under the cabinet is not as easy as you think. If you want the minimal installation to opt for LED stripes and ropes. However, if you want the especially LED puck light go for the plug-in options instead of hard wiring.

  1. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficient lights are very important as they save your electricity bill so are light on your pocket. Nowadays, the most energy efficient lights are the LED lights. They can work on a minimum of 5watts with the desired illumination power. In addition to this, you can dim them up whenever required.

The other forms of lights like Xenon lighting, halogen lighting, or fluorescent lighting are also available in the market. The Xenon lights are less energy saving, gives a glow, dimmable, but gives a lot of heat.

The halogen and fluorescent lights are also energy efficient but produce no heat. However, you cannot dim them up to the control over light intensity is less which is troublesome especially at nights.

  1. Heat Output

The LED lights are the best when it comes to heat output. The heat output is very important especially during the summer season and when working in the kitchen were some of the food items are too sensitive to heat. So, always consider the place of living if you leave in a hot place it’s better to go for LED lights.

Why Should You Opt For A LED Puck Light?

Believe us, LED puck lights are a necessity for every home. To make you a little more knowledgeable there is a list of advantages of LED Puck lights.

  1. They add the illumination. The under-cabinet LED puck lights complements the overhead lighting. They give a focused illumination on your work area and also highlight the black splash.
  2. LED Puck lights eliminate shadows. With a right overhead light, the shadows are still seen due to the wall cabinets especially in the kitchen. The under-cabinet lights eliminate the shadows providing the right brightness when you are doing your work.
  3. They add a Design and Ambiance to the whole area. A LED Puck light can make a whole lot of difference to your area. It gives a warmer ambiance and a cozy look.

So, do consider installing a LED puck light or an undercabinet LED light when renovating your home especially your kitchen area.

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